Tidal Videographer Guidelines

We're always working hard to ensure our brand of wedding videography stays current and most importantly - interesting to watch!  We all know it can be easy to fall into a rut with wedding work, so please try at least one of the techniques below at every wedding you shoot.  We will update this page with new techniques as often as possible.

Money Shots

  • Spin Together:  Get the couple to hold hands and lean apart from each other.  Have them spin together with their arms outstretched, but spin WITH them while recording at 120p.  After 1 or 2 spins, have them pull each other in and kiss.  


  • Freeze Frame:  Park your camera on a tripod or the gimbal on the ground.  Shoot wide and start with an empty frame.  Have the bride on one side of the frame and the groom on the other.  Have them dance towards each other, meeting in the middle for a dip or a lift (not a kiss).  The idea is that we can “freeze” the frame 2 or 3 times during the clip with the bride and groom frozen in a cool pose before they meet in the middle.


  • Timelapse:  Park a camera at a high vantage point and capture Timelapse of the venue while the sun sets or while the dance floor is hopping.

  • Groom Getting Ready:  Begin with the groom fully dressed, looking right at the camera smiling.  Then have him turn to look in a mirror.  Have him take his jacket off in the mirror, then turn to toss it onto the bed or a hook.  Consider this the minimum footage needed for the effect - you can add more like watches, shoes, etc. if you have time.  Here's an example:  Getting Ready In Reverse