Our Pricing

Pricing for our services can vary depending on the coverage needed and your wedding date.  Our fees range from $2000 to $5000 for most weddings.  For the best quote please fill out our contact form below and someone from the team will get back to you directly.

The Highlight Cut

The Highlight Cut (4-6 Minute Length) will tell the story of your wedding day in a beautifully edited, sharable package!  In the age of social media, we’ve found this to be the perfect length to showcase the best moments from your special day without asking too much from the audience's attention span.  Ha ;)  We will include moments from each major part of the wedding day, highlighting our favorite clips and audio to put your personal touch on the final film.  We typically use two songs for these edits:  One for the first half of the day (Intro, ceremony and portraits) then another for the second half of the wedding (Grand entrance, reception and toasts).  Unless you prefer otherwise, we will include some vocals from either the first look, ceremony or toasts in addition to the music.  


Raw Footage

Much like any movie, we capture short clips of your wedding (Ranging from a few seconds to 30 minutes) and edit them together in order to tell the story of your special day.  We use multiple cameras and lenses to create different looks for each clip, which keeps our finished videos exciting and interesting to watch.  If we just pressed record and walked around all day, we would not be able to achieve the same effect.  When you receive the links to your raw footage, you can expect to see dozens of short clips from throughout your wedding day.  


We offer the raw footage as a bonus to our clients, since many of you are familiar with video editing now and might want to put something together with your footage later on.  Please keep in mind that this footage is raw - exactly as it was captured in the camera. Its intention is not so much to sit down and browse through as you would with the edited cuts.  If you watch your Highlight and would like the same look but longer, we recommend purchasing our Extended Cut.

The Extended Cut

The Extended Cut (40-60 minute length) includes all of the moments from the Highlight Cut as well as:  The entire ceremony combined with footage from all cameras used, the entire first dance, all of the toasts and bonus material like family members laughing or crying and extra detail shots of the ceremony and reception sites.  We may use as many as five different songs for this edit, so please be sure to let us know if you have any favorites you really want included.  We will post this video along with timecoded links in the description so you can skip around to some of the major moments of the day with one click.  This cut is ideal for clients who want to make the most out of all of their footage, but would rather not sort through all of the clips in order to relive their full wedding. 

Raw Footage Plus

If you’d like to view all the footage from your wedding day in one easy-to-skim extra long (> 90 minute) clip, then consider this option.  We will organize all of your footage into one cohesive timeline so you can bounce around from moment to moment without having to click on separate clips.  This version includes the full multi-cam edit of your ceremony and toasts so you can experience your entire wedding day without purchasing the full Extended Cut.  Please note, the clips will still be as they were captured in camera, so they will not be enhanced, but we will synchronize our external audio recordings with the ceremony and toasts for better sound. 

Raw Footage PLUS can be delivered online via Vimeo  or on an external hard drive.

Bonus:  Aerial Footage

 We love to capture amazing aerial footage for our clients!  While we do fly our drone whenever possible, we are limited by law and the weather.  Aerial footage is complimentary, but not guaranteed.  Be sure to ask if your venue allows aerial videography and double-check with us about any hidden restrictions like no-fly zones.